Discover 5 functional juice recipes that will change your beauty routine

Functional or detox juices help you lose weight and cleanse your body. Because they are low in calories and rich in nutrients, they have become very popular with people who want to improve the functioning of the body.

Functional juices can also have antioxidant action, which helps the immune system and collagen production, helping with rejuvenation.

We have separated some simple recipes with different purposes to change your beauty routine, keep reading!

1. Functional juice to deflate

Anyone who has a problem with fluid retention knows that sometimes the body needs an external help to deflate.

In addition to aesthetic treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, why not add a functional juice that has only 36 calories in your routine?

Ingredients: – 1 glass of water – 2 tablespoons of green tea – 3 mint leaves – 1 slice of pineapple

Method of preparation:

Heat the water, add the tea, leave for 2 minutes and strain. Put the tea in the refrigerator.

After ice cream, blend in a blender with pineapple and mint. Serve next.

2. Functional juice for sunbathing

A functional juice with a detox effect that will help you achieve a perfect tan with just 108 calories per serving.

Ingredients: – 1 medium carrot – 1/2 papaya papaya – 1 tablespoon of parsley – 1 teaspoon of flaxseed – 1 cup (tea) of water

Method of preparation:

Beat all the ingredients in a blender and serve with ice.

3. Functional juice to keep skin young

The functional green juice is rich in antioxidants and a great choice for those looking for a younger and healthier skin.

Ingredients: – 1 orange – 1/2 apple – 1/2 cucumber  – 1/2 cup (tea) of parsley – 1 glass of coconut water

Method of preparation:

Beat all ingredients in a blender and serve without sugar and without straining.

4. Antioxidant red functional juice

Green functional juice is the most famous, but red is also great for those who want more beautiful skin.

In addition, in this recipe of only 145 calories, you will also have the stimulating effect of ginger. How about taking it before going to the gym?

Ingredients: – Juice of 2 oranges – 1 piece of ginger – 1/2 cup (grated) beetroot – 1 spoon (dessert) of flaxseed – 2 ice cubes

Method of preparation:

Beat all the ingredients in a blender or mixer and serve.

5. Functional anti-cellulite juice

Those who have cellulite need foods rich in fiber and nutrients, which act on circulation and body inflammation.

If you want to eat nutrients in a juice of just 90 calories, this recipe is for you.

Ingredients: – 1 teaspoon of dehydrated lemon grass – 1 cup (tea) of water – 2 pineapple slices – 1 apple – 1 small carrot – 3 ice cubes

Method of preparation:

Heat the water and infuse the lemon grass for 5 minutes. Discard the leaves and let them cool.

Add iced tea and fruit with the other ingredients in a blender or mixer and drink without straining.

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