Power Hiit: meet the training of personal Carol Borba who promises to transform the body of women

Power Hiit : meet the training of personal Carol Borba that promises to transform the body of women

Do you want to lose weight, have a flat stomach, strengthen your butt, turn your legs and arms around and reach the body you’ve always dreamed of? So discover everything about Power Hiit now!

Power Hiit is an online program created by personal trainer Carol Borba that brings together personal best exercises (which have never been made available before, only for face-to-face personal students) for localized fat loss and muscle toning done exclusively for women’s needs.

With thousands of followers on social media, Carol Borba has been responsible for 12 years for helping women transform their bodies and achieve the best shape of their lives .

The super personal trainer and fitness influencer realized that losing weight doesn’t have to be a tedious and tiring process. She also saw that it is not necessary to spend hours and hours at a gym to get in shape.

Therefore, Carol created an exclusive methodology, thinking about the female body, which makes the process of weight loss and muscle toning pleasant, fun and fast!

Carol gathered the best exercises in a 12-minute workout that provides a caloric burn for up to 24 hours after the end of activities. All without leaving home!

Yes, there are 12 minutes of daily exercise that keep her body burning fat for 24 hours!

The secret is the HIIT methodology (high intensity interval training, translated from English High Intensity Interval Training) that combines intense exercise with lighter exercise, slowing your heart rate and making you rest without stopping to exercise.

Carol Borba combined exercises that only her face-to-face students had access to in a training that offers results up to 3 times faster.

The HIIT method has been the subject of research and has proven its effectiveness. The activity brings countless benefits to the body: it improves physical conditioning, speeds up the metabolism, favors cardiovascular capacity, increases the amount of lean mass and provides an incredible incredible capacity to burn localized fat , mainly in the belly region.

What makes HIIT so powerful is the fact that the exercises work more than one muscle group at the same time, enhancing fat burning and muscle toning . Training is much more efficient than traditional gym exercises, which require effort than just a muscle group or an isolated muscle.

As if all the benefits that HIIT alone provides for the body were not enough, Carol Borba identified that the existing training did not differentiate men from women and created Power Hiit with a series of exercises focused exclusively on the body and female needs.

People of different sexes have different goals and biotypes, so they shouldn’t do the same types of exercises. There are workouts that work for men that do not give results on the female body. And it gets worse: a workout that is not focused on the woman’s body can end up masculinizing her forms.

For this reason, Carol brought together the best and most effective exercises that she learned over her 12 years as a personal trainer and created a training of only 12 minutes that work several muscles at the same time and boost the caloric expenditure, strengthening the legs, arms, belly and butt and saying goodbye to localized fats .

Yes, it does. Power Hiit is an infallible program and its results are proven. Training is short, but it’s hard to sweat.

Carol condensed a 1-hour workout in just 12 minutes that cannot be extended any longer. The reason is simple: the training is so intense that if you take a HIIT class too long, you could end up burning lean mass in addition to fat. That is, you lose muscle and can end up flabby.

With Power Hiit you don’t need to spend hours at the gym doing generic exercises that give little results. In addition, you do not have to lift exorbitant weights or even use any type of equipment. You can achieve fast and real results using just your own body weight in 12 minutes, without leaving your house .

What makes Power Hiit so powerful are four elements that, when combined, enhance fat burning and muscle toning. The secret is the right exercises, in the right sequence, with the right intensity and done for the right time.

Carol worked with highly efficient sequences that until then only her face-to-face students had access to, but which will now be available to anyone who buys and is willing to pursue their own goals.

Regardless of age and physical conditioning, Power Hiit was made with all women in mind. Classes are extremely detailed and have two types of variations: the lightest variation and the most advanced variation .

If you are not used to physical activities or are not used to the most intense exercises, start classes with the slightest variations, get used to your body and evolve as your physical condition improves, at your own pace .

Power Hiit’s short lessons offer amazing results in just 8 weeks . It only takes two months for you to transform your body and your life, reaching the goals you’ve always dreamed of. All this without leaving home, without using equipment and accessories, only with the weight of your own body and in 12 minutes a day.

You spend less than 1 real a day to have incredible results in just 8 weeks , training together with a personal trainer and renowned fitness influencer, who comes for 12 years helping women to achieve the body they always dreamed of.

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