New in Brazil: Barre Fit Method


You don’t want to exercise, do you? What you want is a result.

Everyone wants, especially those who do not have the time or the willingness to do repetitive and boring exercises at the gym or who have tried everything, between diets and physical activities, to lose fat, tone the body and gain flexibility, no results.

You need something new, something simple, but powerful and that works.

You need the Barre Fit Method .

I’m talking about a program that gives you results, one that you see in your measurements, in your looser clothes and that makes your body firmer, improving your posture, balance and even relieving possible pain, especially in the back.

This is where Jacque Ruscitto makes the difference

The Barre Fit Method is an online program created by Jacqueline Ruscitto, a trainer specialized in exercise physiology and with 12 years of training. The program was featured in several vehicles and Jacque quickly became a reference in Brazil.

The program was only possible because Jacque listened to the complaints of women who came to her asking for help, analyzed everything they tried (and spent) without getting results and transformed the method into a simple, dynamic, fun and, above all, complete.

And because it transformed the lives of its students with very real results (the kind you see, feel and that everyone notices and comments with you), Jacque decided to transform the Barre Fit Method into an online program and accessible to many more people.

But why is the Barre Fit Method so special?

Think of exercises like running, stretching or weight training. They are good, but they take time to work (when they work) because they work on specific and isolated goals.

Running generates physical fitness, but several studies prove that it is not the best exercise to burn fat. Stretching generates more flexibility but does little to help with fitness. And weight training generates lean mass gain but is not good for quick weight loss.

The Barre Fit Method works on several goals at the same time, faster and more completely. And that is only possible thanks to what makes this program so unique…

… the perfect combination of the best of Pilates, Functional and Ballet.

Pilates will increase muscle tone and improve posture, relieving and preventing back pain. The functional will make you gain physical conditioning and lose weight, and the ballet will bring you strength and flexibility.

Yes, you will be able to eliminate localized fat and gain muscle definition, flexibility and physical conditioning in a single exercise program.

All this in 60 days and with only 15 minutes a day.

You, your body and a chair… that’s all!

If you think that to do the Barre Fit Method you will need a super appropriate place, special equipment and I don’t know what else, rest assured.

Just a little space in the living room, bedroom, area, kitchen or even the garage, and equipment that everyone has at home: a simple chair with a back, of any type.

It is to be practical and to give you more results than you ever had or dreamed of having, especially using a chair to achieve this result.

Everyone will see the transformation that will happen to you in 60 days and in just 15 minutes a day.

Sign up and get the best “bonus” possible!

The best of all is to know that the Barre Fit Method is part of Queima Diária, the largest online platform dedicated to health and well-being in Brazil, and whoever enrolls in the program gains full and unlimited access, without no additional cost to the platform.

Known as the “Netflix of Fitness”, Queima Diária has the most famous and efficient training programs to do at home in the country and even has nutrition programs with very simple, practical and video recipes.

Yoga, hiit, functional, pilates, fighting, gaining lean mass, located for the belly, butt and even dance. You choose the program according to your goal.

I want the Barre Fit Method! How do I do it?

You just need to go to the Barre Fit Method application page and sign up to access the program.

Remembering that in addition to the Barre Fit Method, you will have full access, at no additional cost, to all the Daily Burn programs to do when and where you want, without even having to leave the house for that.

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