How to speed up metabolism and lose weight faster

Have you tried everything to lose weight and can’t lose unwanted fat even though you are on a regular diet and exercise? The problem may be in your metabolism, which, when slowed, slows down caloric burning and dramatically reduces your physical performance.

When metabolism is sluggish, it takes the body more time to turn ingested calories into energy, increasing the tendency to put on weight.

There are some uncontrollable factors that are directly linked to the performance of the metabolism. Age and sex are two of them: as we get older, metabolism tends to slow down. In addition, men have a faster metabolism than women because they have more muscles.

Poor diet, physical inactivity, lack of sleep and stress are other factors that contribute to the retardation of metabolism. The good news is that they are reversible factors and, with some changes in habit, can be easily resolved.

Below are some tips on how to speed up your metabolism to lose weight faster. Check it out!

Is there an easier tip than that? According to a American study , a good night’s sleep is crucial for the metabolism to always be accelerated. The reason is hormonal: when we sleep poorly, our body produces a greater amount of ghrelin, a hormone that decreases satiety and increases the stock of fats.

Anyone who wants to lose weight should not skip the most important meal of the day at all. At least that’s what the study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology says, which used volunteers to take a test. Some of the volunteers consumed approximately ¼ of the recommended daily calories for breakfast. Others consumed between 0 and 11% of the value.

The result was surprising: those who had a more hearty breakfast gained about 1.7 kilos over four years, while the others put on almost 3 kilos. In addition, the study showed that volunteers who skipped a meal constantly had a 4.5 times greater chance of developing obesity.

Cinnamon, ginger, pepper, green tea or even a good glass of ice water help you lose weight effortlessly. This is because they are thermogenic foods, which require more work by the body in digestion, increasing the burning of fats and calories.

Like thermogenic foods, fibers and proteins also demand more effort from the body in the digestion process. In addition, they are responsible for increasing the feeling of satiety, making you feel satisfied with less food. Another major benefit of proteins, shown in a Harvard research , is that they decrease the time spent on digesting carbohydrates, preventing spikes in blood glucose in the body.

When your body becomes dehydrated, your metabolism drops. And it’s no small feat! A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking 500 ml of water speeds up metabolism by approximately 30%. The impulse occurs 10 minutes after ingestion and peaks approximately between 30 and 40 minutes later.

Physical exercises are one of the best catalysts to speed up metabolism and contribute to weight loss. For best results, ideally, you should combine aerobic training with strength training.

Aerobic activities keep your metabolism running for up to 12 hours, meaning you burn calories even when you’re at rest. Strength training, on the other hand, is responsible for increasing the amount of muscles – which are big energy consumers and consume calories faster than fats.

A good activity option that combines the two modalities is HIIT (high intensity interval training, translated from English High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT was made for those who want good results in a short time – and who are willing to sweat the shirt a lot.

Training consists of a series of intense exercises interspersed with lighter exercises, which lower your heart rate and allow you to rest while you exercise. Training is quick: 12 minutes a day is enough to burn fat and tone your muscles.

Best of all, HIIT can be done anywhere, including your home. Interested? Click here and get to know a little more about the training that is doing everyone’s head – and shaping the body too!

Speeding up metabolism favors weight loss and body health, as well as enhancing performance in day-to-day activities. The solution to this is to cultivate healthy habits and be patient, since the results are more visible in the long run.

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