How to lose weight with 6 exercises to do at home

If you want to lose weight, but hate gym or don’t have time to go to a gym, know that it is possible to lose weight without leaving home, with exercises that offer surprising results using only your body weight, without needing to of complicated machines and dumbbells.

Yes, your “home sweet home” doesn’t have to be just a place to rest, gather the crowd for a beer or throw yourself on the couch to watch Netflix! It is possible to lose weight quickly with some practical exercises, without having to take your foot away from the comfort of your residence.

Does it look like magic ?! Then discover the secret behind this powerful convenience.

Check out the best exercises to do at home

Forget the gyms loaded with equipment!

With the exercises below, you will only need 15 minutes to burn a lot of fat, gain lean mass, abandon sedentary lifestyle and eliminate, once and for all, the main excuses that keep you from training.

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1. Abdominal

Acclaimed by everyone who wants to lose their bellies, the abdominals are a huge success due to their effectiveness. So much so that, over time, the techniques for practicing the exercise were improved and today there are several variations that accelerate the results.

But you have to be careful with your posture when doing sit-ups. Learn to practice correctly : lying on your back on the floor and with your knees bent, cross your arms in front of your chest and lift your shoulders with the help of your abdomen muscles.

Take a short break while you are suspended, lie down slowly, breathe, relax your abdomen and contract again to continue.

In the video below, the personal Lana Pessoa demonstrates some other options that can be made to enhance the results.

2. Surfboard

Now, if you prefer an exercise that amounts to hundreds of sit-ups and still strengthens your spine, try the plank on the floor: press your palms on the floor, stretch your shoulders and keep your neck straight.

Keep your back straight and imagine your body also in a straight line. Stay in that same position for 20 to 60 seconds. Rest your knees on the floor to rest and repeat the same sequence two more times. It looks simple, but it’s not easy!

3. Push-up

Lie on the floor with your stomach down, rest your hands on the floor with your arms straight and lift your entire body by flexing only your arms. If you are a beginner, keep your knees flat on the floor for ease. Repeat the movement for 30 seconds.

4. Imaginary bicycle

Lie on the floor with your belly up, lift your legs and start pedaling in the air as if you were on a bicycle. Don’t forget to contract your abdomen. And don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the movement, you’ll find that it takes more work than you think!

5. Cross climbing

Difficulty level: hard! Support both hands on the floor and stand on tiptoe as if you were going to do a plank or push-up, that is, with your body stretched. Now, just bend a leg, throw it to the opposite side and repeat the movement alternately.

The intensity is high and the tiredness will be intense – a sign that the exercise is working!

6. Squats

Famous for making his thighs and butt stiff, squatting is not at all complicated: just spread your legs, stretch your arms, keep your spine upright and squat for 30-second sequences.

It is important that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Also, pay attention to your breathing: inhale when standing and exhale slowly as you descend.

How to do exercises at home properly and efficiently?

The exercises mentioned above are indicated to help you lose weight and gain lean mass. But if you want to boost your body for good, know that it is also possible to do complete and extremely effective workouts without leaving home .

The Fitness Mission , for example, created by super personal trainer Lana Pessoa, brings together a series of workouts that aim to transform anyone’s body in 60 days.

The program has a workout for each day of the week, making it impossible for the body to settle down or for you to fall into the routine.

The video classes are only 15 minutes long and are ideal for you to have no doubts about:

  • which exercises to do at home;
  • the correct way to practice each movement without causing injury;
  • what is the ideal frequency or repetition for weight loss and lean mass gain.

The program has already helped thousands of women to reconcile their professional, personal and family life without neglecting their health.

And believe me: 60 days are enough to lose weight, harden your butt, burn abdominal fat, shape your waist, define your body and become your best version!

Why working out at home can slim down more than the gym?

Anyone who thinks that home training is recommended only for beginners is completely wrong.

Exercises to do at home work for both sedentary women and fitness addicts. This is thanks to the efficiency of the strategy HIIT – which means high-intensity interval training .

This promising science keeps your body burning fat for up to 48 hours after training. And it is true! The technique has already been the subject of several studies and its effectiveness is very proven. In other words, HIIT fans get much better results (and faster) than those who work out for hours at the gym.

Don’t you believe it ?! Start experimenting with these 7 killer minutes and feel the intensity of the training.

Did you get tired ?!

Find out why you will get better results if you train at home

According to physiologist and exercise consultant Andrea Doepker-Gavidia, from Canada, “it doesn’t matter where you train, but what you do and how often for the result to be effective and beneficial”.

That way, with disposition, dedication and choosing the right training , you can reach your goal without losing focus with exercises that offer unsatisfactory results , as in gyms.

Furthermore, training at home does not require much investment. On the contrary, it adds:

  • more practicality;
  • more time to devote to other tasks ;
  • financial savings : no need to pay tuition, assessment and tuition, or even spend money on gym clothes and gasoline.

BUT ATTENTION: read this before working out at home!

Be calm: before choosing a soft mat to start exercising, check out some essential attitudes you need to consider before trying to lose weight by training at home.

  • Seek good guidance: without a professional at your side to monitor your movements, it is important to seek reliable references. Therefore, we suggest Missão Fitness as an excellent alternative to protect you from typical bruises of those who decide to work out alone;

See what the students think of the program and personal coach Lana Pessoa:

  • Choose the variety: the diversity of the exercises is also relevant. It is important to alternate different workouts so that all the muscles of the body are covered, in addition to avoiding monotony and tiring routine;
  • Make sure you stretch: don’t forget to warm up before starting each set or stretch your body at the end of the proposed minutes. ensure that your flexibility is not compromised for the next training sessions.

Now, if you have already paid for the gym and failed to attend classes, or did weight training but did not achieve significant results, what are you waiting for to be able to say goodbye to excess fat in the comfort of your own home ?!

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